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FollowAPP Mobile Apps

FollowApp, a patients follow up app, comes from India's leading Healthcare IT Company. It is a proactive step to take care of the patients and keep them close to you. FollowAPP Download

Nalam vihari - Windows application

Nalam Vihari Windows Desktop Application.

Nalam Vihari - A Multi-Specialty Clinical Software having specialty screens for Gynecology, Pediatric, Orthopedic, Ophthalmology, General Medicine and more!. Download Nalam Vihari

Nalam Rx - Mobile Application

Nalam Rx Mobile Apps

NALAM Rx, a prescription app, comes from India’s leading Healthcare IT Company. NALAM+, the popular EMR software for hospitals made hundreds of Doctors from ‘Hand written’ prescriptions to ‘Just click’ prescriptions. Nalam RX Download

Nalam Force - Windows Application

Nalam ForCE Windows Desktop Application.

NALAM ForCE is a version of NALAM+ Software designed exclusively to take care of requirements from The Clinical Establishment Rules 2018.
Records, Records, Records and Data, Data and Data are the primary highlight of CE Rules 2018. Download Nalam ForCE