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App available for Android and Iphone.

How it Works

MED LOCQR, the digital health ID is designed to save lives from emergency medical conditions. One scan, Yes, ONE SCAN of MED LOCQR digital health ID does a lot of things instantly, like Alerting family, doctor and bringing an ambulance and other help.

As a user all we have to do is, download the MED LOCQR App.

  • Register as a new user.
  • Select emergency contacts and medical conditions if any.
  • Order the digital health id delivered to your home.

Once received, our MED LOCQR health genie would be travelling with you to safeguard you.

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Key Features

The most important use of any medical information is being available in case of any medical emergency. MED LOCQR digital health id helps in medical emergencies to bring instant medical help to people.

ALERT’s Family

Alerts family in case of any medical emergency.

ALERT’s Doctor

Alerts the family doctor in case of any medical emergency.

Critical Medical Information

Shares critical medical information for first aid and faster recovery.

Hospitals and Ambulances

Provides links to the closest hospitals and ambulance services.


Brings volunteers nearby to bringing more help

Emergency location

Shares the emergency location for bringing immediate medical help.

Historical Data

Stores and keeps historical medical data for continued care

Health Reports

Prepares health reports based on data to maintaining good health

Map and Direction to Emergency location

When a family member is in a medical emergency, what comes to mind? How fast we can reach that location, isn’t it? MED LOCQR provides that information instantly to know how far the location is and how quick we can reach there.

Being far away doesn’t stop you from showing your love and care.

1000s of Connected Hospitals

There are 1000s of hospitals connected with MED LOCQR for providing emergency medical services. MED LOCQR can instantly contact all the hospitals and bring an ambulance from the closest available hospital

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Here are some questions that are frequently asked about MED LOCQR and its products and the mobile app.

Yes, the MED LOCQR app is available in the App Store.

MED LOCQR App works in all Android versions released after 2018 and iPhone 6 and above.

If the hospital has signed up with MED LOCQR to share data they can send the health data directly to us.

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App available for Android and Iphone.